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The weedman come across as pros at first but then shortly you realize your just another number Repeated calls go unreturned an then , i was so disatisfied that i cancelled but they continued to come and then sent me to collections company, they dont tak responsibility and then they bully into paying with threats of ruining your credit

I have had experiences with other companies big, small, local ,and national. i have never been mistreated more they are rude and disrespectfull.

My credit is Perfect but when they threatened to turn me over to collections neven though i had cancelled, i was blown away as to why .

they said i had ignored there requests for pymnts , but when i produced the cancelled checks they changed there story to , YOU NEVER CANCELLED. Total B.

S. i said then they got rude

Product or Service Mentioned: Weed Man Usa Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $326.

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*** Man has gaps in all services they perform vs. what they say they do.

They short change the customer when fertilizing lawns; they avoid the edges so they have no cleanup where sidewalks and driveways abut. They say they do deep root feeding but use very short probes. They do nothing about listening to straighten out problems - but hang up because . .

. they know it all and simply don't care.

Even more interesting is the master franchiser hides from being available; evidently they don't care either. Simple advice: Find another company that wants to build a relationship with its customers.


I am having same issue. How to tackle this.

Please help. I will spread this news.

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