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After receiving a letter from my former lawn service provider that they would be merging with another company I canceled them and went with *** Man, a huge mistake. The first *** spray that was applied drifted into my garden and killed 30 tomato plants, 150 green bean plants, cucumber, squash, zucchini, pepper plants, the entire garden was wiped out.

I also had 18 day lilies, primrose, knockout roses get herbicide burn, my roses are dead now. The tech (local branch manager) who sprayed the yard came out and looked at the mess. He told me that they would give me a free insect spray in June or July to compensate me for my loss. I did agree to that but also said that I wanted to be called before they came out to do any treatments so that I could protect my garden.

They did call but then the tech wouldn't show up the next day like they said he would. The last time a tech showed up I tried to talk to him and he got rude with me, said he would just cancel my service which I said that is fine with me since they weren't doing what they said they would do. *** man is a scam, they send you letters all the time wanting to do this or that kind of treatment, they wanted $127.00 to spray my yard for Japanese Beetles, mind you this was just one week BEFORE the beetles died off, they only last about 6 weeks here. Today I got a letter from them wanting to aerate and over seed my yard for the measly price of $330.00.

No thanks. I never did get my free insect spray and I called them on Monday and they said oh you are scheduled for the insect spray on Wednesday, this is the middle of August, how much of a benefit am I going to get now? The insects will be gone in a month. Nope.

I told them I wanted a refund of what I had paid them and money to replace what I lost which they said I will get. Do yourself a favor and stay away from *** Man!

Product or Service Mentioned: Weed Man Usa Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I cancelled *** man services back in January 2018 and had to fight them not to come and service our yard but these scumbags came and did our yard anyway these people are rude and nasty *** i wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy


Besides my grass they killed off part of my landscape too

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