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These dishonest thugs kept coming and giving me lawn treatments I didn't want and then reported me to a collection agency for not paying. it's bad enough that I didn't want their useless treatments - they were horrible.

My lawn actually looked better before they came. Rude, arrogant, dishonest crooks. Stay away -- far far away. It was a very hot dry summer, yet they kept coming out to treat my lawn which looked like straw.

They also charged me almost $100 for an insect treatment that killed absolutely nothing.

I NEVER asked for these services and told them I didn't want them but they ignored me and just kept coming anyway. Appalling!

Product or Service Mentioned: Weed Man Usa Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Weed Man Usa Cons: Paying for services not rendered.

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same here! they cursed me and were charging me for my yard which was never done half way up the road .. GETTING READY TO FILE HUGE COMPLAINT!!!


Same issue here. We used them for a short time, terminated contract when they continued to leave gates open and our dogs got out (after we had very specifically warned them).

They came back next spring did treatment and then sent us to collection when we refused to pay. Sounds like it's part of their SOP ...


Your story is my story to a tee!!

They even called and said they had me on a recorded call saying I want that service. I was so appalled that I asked for the taped recording and if it was me I would gladly pay for it.

They never got me the recording.

But they did report me to collections for $71 which now I have to pay to clear my name for credit score.

How can we stop these idiots???!!!!


I'm also going through the same issue. Went on vacation and came home to find my lawn was aerated.

Then was billed $180. When asked why they did this without authorization they said I verbally authorized this. Then they said it must have been someone else that answered my cell phone number. Which doesn't make any sense at all.

After that the office told me they relocated and their paperwork was out of order.

So they couldn't find my signed paper. In the end now I'm dealing with them sending me to collections.


Your complain sounds just like my experience with the Weedman. Promised once a month treatment to kill weeds for $40.

First month bill over $200. My wife watched them spend 20 seconds applying their worthless liquid to our lawn.

We get the big bill and no results from their "special" treatment. Avoid these scammers.

@Old Drunk

Me too I got a 1 year plan and they keep coming after year is up and told me I have to pay.

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